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Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Do you know how many searches you usually do per day?

If we add these daily searches to all the Portuguese daily searches, there are millions of results that search engines present every day.

It is the most common and used tool on the internet by anyone, when they need to clarify a doubt, look for new information, find products, services or brands.

Some Data

Search in Portugal

Source: GWI.


use a search engine every day


search for products or services to buy


find new products or services on search engines

But with so much research every day, it's important to make sure brands are found, among so many other competing brands.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) translates into a set of techniques for optimizing websites and their contents to make them more “findable” in the organic results of search engines for each keyword (results unrelated to paid advertisements).

The Mind Forward team masters SEO techniques and thus helps brands to optimize their websites and content so that they can be more easily found for the main keywords related to their business.

How we Work?

Mind Forward performs a site audit, running a checklist of essential SEO factors, and identifying unresolved gaps.

Therefore, it guarantees a complete and detailed report with all the factors listed and explained, providing examples of good practices and suggestions on how to solve the identified problems.

But if this is not enough, we can still help you with the next step and put our technical team to resolve all the factors identified in the report provided.

So, how good are the organic results of your site?

Let's analyze it together.