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Social Media

Can you go a day without logging into Facebook? And on Instagram?

Maybe it’s Twitter or Linkedin that you are most interested in to keep up with the latest news.

Whether to publish, share, chat, consult or even snoop around… we, like almost all Portuguese people, can no longer avoid it.

Social Networks are really part of our day-to-day life.

Social Media in numbers

Still have doubts? 😱

source: GWI.

7 millions

of portuguese are in social networks


of total population


mobile access

Social Networks are a new way for companies and brands to contact their customers, but also to win new customers.

But this presence must be well defined according to the company’s own genesis, its target audience and the communication objectives they intend to achieve.

Mind Forward helps to carry out this important reflection, analyzing the potential of each social network and its suitability for the objectives of SMEs and brands.

How do we Work?

Definimos uma estratégia de Social Media à medida de cada cliente, definindo a sua identidade social, tom de comunicação e plano editorial para cada rede social.

With our creative team, we develop posts and stories that generate engagement and interaction with the community of each brand.

We also manage the community, publish content and monitor the interaction metrics of each social network.

Let's get social?

Tell us about your brand and your communication objectives.