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UX/UI Design

Why do we prefer to browse one website over another?

The truth is that we are not always able to translate this preference directly into words, because the difference turns out to be in the added value that each user privileges in terms of the user experience that the website offers.

To facilitate the qualitative and quantitative analysis of a website, Mind Forward uses an analysis framework that allows us to obtain some clues and valuable data on what to improve in terms of user experience.

User Experience

3 Analysis Vectors


Analysis of visual elements, Image and branding.


Ease of navigation, functional organization and compatibility


Relevance, regularity and diversity of contents.

When we talk about Web Design...

… and a process of creating a web design system, it means that we can apply it to an institutional website, an online store or a conversion-oriented landing page.

But even the “perfect” design system cannot live without the creation of relevant content, constantly published. At the “end of the day” we are talking to our audience, through digital communication platforms.

How We Work?

For the creation of a balanced web system, rules and methodologies are needed that simplify the creation, production and maintenance of a structure, and allow it to expand in a sustained way in the future.

Our approach to developing web, mobile or application interfaces follows the principles of the Atomic Design methodology for creating visual systems.

What is Atomic Design?

  • a small element such as a button is an “atom”;
  • a button with text is a “molecule”;
  • a molecule with another molecule will be an “organism“;
  • several organisms constitute a “page“.

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