Mind Forward reaches SCORING 2021 certification

Mind Forward distinguida com SCORING 2021

We cannot say that it was a surprise, it was above all a feeling of pride to receive the news that Mind Forward is in the “TOP 5% BEST SME IN PORTUGAL 2021”, a Certification issued by SCORING.

After a year of high financial demands, but not only, for so many companies in Portugal (and in the rest of the world) due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was extremely refreshing to know that Mind Forward had surpassed the year 2020 with distinction.

This result comes from the attentive and responsible management of our SME, which allows us to grow in a sustainable and confident way, but also from the resilience of our customers and partners who made it possible to carry out so many projects in 2020.

This Certification issued by SCORING  is based on the classification that determines the companies that fit into the restricted group of the best 5%, in terms of performance and financial strength.

Thus, we face our mission of maintaining the same quality standards and commitment to good management practices to ensure sustainable growth deserving future recognition as an exemplary SME.

Thank you,

Nuno Barreira e Rita Costa