Social Media with a taste of Kaffa coffee

Redes Sociais com sabor a café Kaffa

Kaffa coffee is not just a coffee with a taste of Portugal, it is a coffee that is also very popular on Social Media, and we can prove it.

Since the end of 2020, we have started a real team work with Kaffa and Brave – ideas are Power to relaunch the brand of coffee in capsules on Social Media and strengthen its new image, values ​​and positioning materialized in the signature “Sabe a Portugal /Tastes like Portugal”. We defined a communication strategy for each Kaffa social profile, on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin, in accordance with the brand’s communication goals, with Brave being responsible for the creative development of the posts.

Since then, the Kaffa brand has chosen these social channels to communicate its main news, new product launches, special offers, sharing suggestions and even the company’s own experiences. The reaction of their followers and customers was almost immediate and very positive, since they know they can count on this contact point to clarify doubts or leave their own suggestions.

After 6 months of working together, we decided to comparatively analyze the results achieved, focusing on the 2nd quarter of 2021, which left us even more excited and motivated to proceed with the outlined strategy.

Social Media Study - Kaffa and Competitors

Thus, we conclude that Kaffa was the Portuguese brand of coffee in capsules that grew the most globally on Social Networks, in an analyzed universe of 4 direct competitors, between March and June 2021. We also must emphasize the growth rates of new followers achieved on Instagram (18%), and on LinkedIn (21%).

As for Engagement, we also recorded interaction values ​​with publications that were always higher than their analyzed competitors, even when the volume of publications was sometimes lower.

A coffee that tastes like Portugal is so good, but with these results, it tastes even better!

Study performed by Mind Forward, for the time period of 1 of April to 30 of June of 2021, including the available data from Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin for the brand Kaffa e 4 more direct competitors.

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