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Imagem Header Novo projeto com ALMA Development

A project with ALMA Development

It was about a year ago that we started a new challenge to create a social identity for the recent brand of real estate development and investment projects in Portugal, ALMA Development. Built from scratch, this was an embryonic project, but it

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Mind Forward new digital projects

Fresh New Projetcs out of the oven

If there’s one thing we can’t complain about, it’s the monotony at work! And it is with great joy that we receive, day after day, the many challenges of our customers to rethink strategies, create solutions and execute digital

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EUniversal Logo Oficial Projeto Europeu

EUniversal, an European project

EDP ​​Distribuição, as coordinator of the EUniversal project, joined a Consortium of 18 partners from 7 European countries to develop a new concept for the flexibility of Distribution System Operators (DSO) and their interaction with new

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