A project with ALMA Development

Imagem Header Novo projeto com ALMA Development

It was about a year ago that we started a new challenge to create a social identity for the recent brand of real estate development and investment projects in Portugal, ALMA Development.

Built from scratch, this was an embryonic project, but it quickly saw its structure erected and solidified. ALMA Development came to the Portuguese market with a solid international base, through Panhard International, but it needed to define its own digital space.

Mind Forward carried out a survey of the needs and objectives of the new brand, and contributed to the development of a sustained and gradual strategy for the presentation of its identity, values and real estate development projects.

The first step was to define its profiles and pages on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin, through the creation, publication and promotion of content reflected in the brand and its vision.

As the news about the ongoing projects were revealed, an institutional website was built in parallel, which consolidates all the corporate information and presents in greater detail the real estate projects of ALMA Development. A bilingual website fully “customized” to the brand’s conceptual image and identifying graphics.

Finally, for the commercialization phase, a digital media plan was built for several markets – national and international, with the aim of attracting qualified leads for each of the developments in commercialization, a phase that will take place during the years 2024 and 2025.

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