A handful of reasons to use and abuse of Motion Graphics

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A form of visual communication that combines elements of graphic design, animation, and video. The result? Dynamic and interactive content, as we show in our latest Reel.

The true art of Motion Graphics offers us videos full of animated images and visual effects, to pass on information that is clearer and above all more attractive.

There could be more, but for now, we leave you with a handful of reasons to use and abuse of Motion Graphics

1 Clarity in the message

Graphic animation helps us understand concepts in a clear and immediate way. Animated images visually illustrate what is being said in words, making it easier for the viewer to understand the information.

2 Audience attention

Visually appealing, Motion Videos hold the viewer’s attention by presenting content in an engaging and captivating way. As a result, information is delivered more effectively.

3 Consistency of message

Animated videos are an effective way to create a story line without wasting information. The message is passed in a consistent and uniform way and the purpose of the communication is fulfilled.

4 Greater engagements

Motion Graphics are great allies of an interactive experience through, for example, animated buttons and menus. Thus, engagement and interaction with this type of content happens more significantly.

5 Creating videos with different purposes

If you want to captivate your audience, Motion Videos are one of the smartest ways to achieve this. And the best thing is that you can use them for a variety of purposes – to deliver educational messages, in corporate videos, for a product launch or to generate more buzz on social media.

Improve your communication with Motion Design. Your audience will thank you, and so will your business!

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